End-of-the-year review

I had many private and business topics in 2014, but there have been just a few posts in my blog. I worked a lot with OpenVZ virtualization and I’m using it now beside Xen for some virtual machines. I like OpenVZ so far and I’m looking forward to the merge of OpenVZ and Parallels Cloud Server into a single common open source code base.

For the migration of Xen DomUs I needed to move some LVM-Volumes. I learned how to use Bootstrap to create some websites. I learned about using Jekyll for static website generation. I had a look at the Ghost blogging software, but I did not use it for production purpose.

I had no problems with DNSSEC this year. My bind and PowerDNS setups worked all fine. The automated key rollovers with OpenDNSSEC worked too, even with registrar domain update.

Last but not least something that kept me busy in my job: the new gTLDs. I’m looking forward to see what will happen in 2015, e.g. how many domains will be renewed after the first year.